Pre-flight: [pree-flahyt]; or Pre-flighting, a term used in the printing industry describing the act of reviewing supplied digital files, confirming the required assets and that all of the variables involved are verified.

Q: "Why do you offer this service?" A: DASK has developed working relationships with many print shops. During the busy season, they often request DASK to help alleviate the pressure on their own pre-press department.

Q: "Shouldn't it be an automated system for designers and print shops?" A: Actually it is, but even today common errors can still be found.

Q: "Do I have to be concerned with this then?" A: It is good to know if your designer will do a pre-flight on your project because the closer the files are to being press-ready, the chance of there being an artwork delay at the printer is virtually eliminated.

Having 10 years hands on with manual pre-flight and direct print shop experience, you can have confidence a DASK design will be press-ready!